Independence Day

Polish TV is pissed because the western media portrayed yesterday’s march as the largest gathering of fascists in Europe. Well, what do you expect with signs like “Death to the Enemies of the Fatherland!”?

You can bet they won’t be seen next year as Poland hates to be embarrassed on the world stage, not because of a change of policy.

On the other hand, someone on Twitter posted the photo on the right of the occupation of Warsaw in 1939 and said, “This is what a real fascist march looks like.”



Two days later, Poland is still pissed, oops I mean embarrassed as the story is still ongoing today. TV continues to show the shocking headlines in many languages from all over the world. It’s OK to be a fascist in your own country but don’t let the world know. Well, the world needs to know wherever it happens so, as a public service, here are some more White Europe signs…


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Europe will be white or uninhabited.



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White Europe, Brotherhood of Nations



And the Final Solution……


Poznań, Poland.


Celebrating Endless War

The original intent, established in the wake of World War I, was to celebrate world peace. Then the wars never ended, so Veterans Day changed.

There is nothing in the lives of human beings more brutal and terrifying than war, and nothing more important than for those of us who have experienced it to share its awful truth.    Ron Kovic


Annual 11 November anti fascist march to counter the actual fascist march a few kilometers away.




Remembering the man who set himself on fire and died in protest against the government in front of the Palace of Culture downtown Warsaw a couple of weeks ago. Not in the news.
“I, an ordinary man, love freedom above all.”



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The things they carry…..




The Day Before….


Family Without Candy Sits Huddled in Darkened House Like Londoners During the Blitz

You may laugh but Poland is trying to ram this holiday down their throats so it too can have another day based on spending lots of money on things you don’t need. I protest because the next day, 1 November is All Saints Day, a holiday (yay!) and a sober day to remember the dead. Somehow the thought of spending the day before, stuffing your face with candy and drinking and then going to the cemetery with a hangover (both sugar and alcohol) puts me right off. Therefore, I choose not to participate. We have a few kids, mostly teenagers who come around for free candy. Nobody in my Polish neighborhood participates (there are no people from the US or UK who live here) and I hope that eventually they will give up and never come back. Remember how when we used to go out as kids, we knew where all the good candy was and we all went there? Well, that’s never going to be my house. However, I still have to put up with them ringing the bell (it is the only thing my deaf dog hears and she barks) until I figured out how to disable the bell. Me and my dog spent last night, huddled in my house without candy watching the latest episode of American Horror Story, Cult in blessed silence. Except for the screams by the people being dismembered on TV. Man, those people are sick!! Life imitates art.






The Day After…..

I don’t know. Is it me or watching CNN interview people on the street dressed in costume in NYC and a scary clown is saying, “We can’t let the terrorists win.” and then take a selfie with a cop seem odd to you? And then being called DEFIANT because they dared to come out.45E3F42200000578-5037145-Costume_clad_revelers_stood_side_by_side_with_police_officers_wh-a-29_1509506420661





I’m surprised they weren’t called heroes.



Is this in good taste considering?


Love the beheading reference.


Of course. You change your costume/plans and the terrorists win!



“Hours after a terror attack, I keep interviewing New Yorkers dressed as chickens who say they are not afraid………”The police took care of the attack,” said Marc Cruz, 28, who is dressed as a chicken, saying he feels “pretty safe…and a call for direct action: “the best answer to terror was more concerts, more events, more wine on outdoor terraces.”…/defiant-new-yorkers…





Mexican (prototypes)


Rosary Wall, Poland


Roma Wall, Slovakia


Separation Wall, Jerusalem


Immigration Wall, Hungary

Measures on Bulgaria - Turkey border

Immigration Wall, Greece


Berlin Wall


Peace Wall, Belfast


Gated community wall, Florida























Is Communism Worse Than Nazism?

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Not only does she not answer the question, (I think, as she goes on and on without saying anything), I find myself allergic to political analysis that begins with statements like “having grown up in the Soviet Union”, as if that automatically endows some kind of special power to make sweeping statements without necessarily having to know a damn thing about global politics to an audience who also knows nothing. Living in a two-room flat in some gray city and waiting in line for chocolate makes you, not only an expert on Communism but capitalism as well and by decree all political systems. An education through hardship that even Harvard could never match. This kind of logic should make us applaud Trump voters who growing up in the US, and therefore knowing all about US politics, for their brilliant choice for President.