Triple Dylans

The original, 1967


At the Revolution exhibit, Victoria and Albert Museum, 2017

dylan v&A

My flat, 1969

dylan fridge

I wish I still had it as it’s worth money! I got it from his album, Greatest Hits.

“Montreal-based art director Martin Dupuis has a compulsive habit of hunting through record shops for 1967 editions of Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits in hopes of finding the graphic design equivalent of a golden ticket–a Milton Glaser-designed first edition poster, copies of which were included in slipcovers when the album was released.”…/milton-glaser-reveals-how-he…



A Campaign of Their Own

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Warsaw is having its annual documentary film festival this week and I went to see a movie about Bernie Sanders’s campaign since I missed it in the first person. Interesting choice as I’m pretty sure most Poles have never heard of him. This is somewhat surprising because Poland never misses a chance to glorify important people with Polish roots. Just goes to show that our “independent” media gets its information from American mainstream media. Certainly, the young ticket taker I talked to didn’t know who he was. But she was around 18 and Polish education “reform” has taken its cues from American education “reform” and getting the same results. As I tried to explain to her, I watched her eyes glaze over and reach for her phone. I know when the conversation is over so I shut up and entered the empty cinema 5 minutes before the start. I was certain I’d have the place to myself and get an exclusive showing. But then people started showing up and there were about 20 of us when the film started. For me, it was an intimate movie, portraying one of the most significant political events in recent memory. This is what democracy looks like. All I had done was read and watch from here and hear reports from my friends especially Jo Heck who saw his campaign close up. While I watched, I experienced the passion, energy, solidarity, enthusiasm, and excitement of people who really wanted a change from business as usual and truly believed in their candidate. When was the last time that happened? RFK? It was easy to imagine myself there.

As for the Poles, it was good for them to see how democracy and elections work in a country they have admired for generations. It was always held up as a model of democracy and something to strive for. I hope they saw this election was no different from the one that put the right wing into power in Poland. That the issues facing the US were the same the Poles faced under Communism and 30 years after capitalism. That people simply have had enough. That choosing candidates to run was no different than what happened under Communism. Most people don’t know but they did hold elections. They were all chosen by the Party and presented to the public as “your candidates”. Look, you have a choice. Just like in the West.

I highly recommend this film.

The film allows for a reevaluation of the United State’s democratic system as well as the failure of the European left to implement its agenda. The U.S. Democratic Party is similar in many ways to the centrist left parties in Europe who are incapable of reform from within, do not have a substantial platform, and systematically lose terrain in every election.

The film also approaches the much larger question of the role of citizens in modern democracy. Is the way in which the U.S. Democratic primaries played out symptomatic of the aging of Europe’s leftist parties? Can a political movement survive the loss of its leader? Are elections an opportunity for veritable democratic participation or blind adherence to a system that gives the illusion of choice?

Happy Birthday, Karl! Sto Lat!



On May 5, 1818, in the southern German town of Trier, in the picturesque wine-growing region of the Moselle Valley, Karl Marx was born.

Polish TV had a piece on the news on Marx. It blamed all the ills of the world on him especially Poland because nobody has suffered as much as the Poles, maybe if we buy another $4 billion worth of weapons, we’ll finally get the respect we deserve, that bastard, why does everybody hate us?


IMG_1391 (1)

Highgate Cemetary, London



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Moscow. Proletariats of the World, Unite!


This is a worthy enterprise, to distinguish Marx himself from the actions of the so-called Marxists (who led an exasperated Marx at one time to say: “I am not a Marxist.”), as well as to keep alive his still-accurate critique of capitalism.

Are You Covered?

They say it cost $8,900 for the royal birth in a fancy, private wing in a private hospital in London. It costs $10,808 for a regular American birth. Here in Poland, we also have private care in addition to free government health care. In fact, we have at least 3 levels of private medical care. A basic level for  lower level employees where you make an appointment and still have to wait in long lines but not years.  A mid range where the line is shorter (usually for management) and one for those who have American insurance where there is a special section with no lines. In fact, there are hardly any people so you are seen immediately. Luckily I have Cigna and am in that top tier although I have never been in this section. I try to stay away from doctors and the few I do see are always in the regular part.

Anyway, I have an ear infection and as usual I find myself in the regular section and there is no one waiting but the doctor comes out and says she is running a bit late. I pick up a pamphlet about giving birth in this hospital. For $2,000 you can buy birth insurance that will cover everything you need, including a private room and post natal care and consultations. If that is not enough for you, you can buy additional services. For $1000 more, you have have an dedicated team of doctors and nurses who will be with you the entire time from labor to birth. After you give birth, for $200 more you can have a personal nurse for 12 hours. For $120, you can have her come to your house. And if you are just too tired to go home yet, unlike Kate, you can stay at the hospital for an extra $300 a day.

As you can see, in Poland you can have Kate’s level of service for under $4,000. Of course, hairstylist and makeup artist are not included, but that can be arranged as well. And this is Poland. In other, poorer E. European countries, private care is modern, excellent and even cheaper.

Which has led Cigna to write this letter:

It has come to our attention that the close proximity to certain sanctioned countries and the low cost of medical treatment in these countries has made this potentially attractive to individuals who are on assignment in certain regions……We will need to determine the length of the trip and whether the care is elective medical treatment. Claims for elective medical treatment must – unfortunately – be denied. It’s important to remember that if emergency or urgent care is needed during a short-term personal or business visit, coverage will be provided. Treatment that is not urgent or emergent, such as preventive care, would be considered elective and is therefore not covered….Additional restrictions are imposed on US persons who travel to Cuba. Coverage will only be permitted for a US person if the travel is authorized by the US government.

So there! Who says medical care isn’t political?

As President and Chief Executive Officer at CIGNA CORP, David M. Cordani made $49 million in compensation.

But one wonders why they sent this letter. Wouldn’t they want to pay for medical care where they  shell out thousands of dollars instead of tens of thousands? Beta blockers, for example cost $4 here while they cost over $10 in the States. An ultra sound is $60 and it’s three times that in America.


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The News, 1 April

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A Joint House-Senate Ethics Committee today concluded that hundreds of members of Congress regularly use a wide range of performance reducing drugs. In order to support their habits, members have been known to ask for money from trade associations, pharmaceutical companies, corporations and even each other.

Homeland Security confirms that the recent hijacking of a Counter Intelligence Airlines (CIA) flight, the agency’s charter service to interrogation facilities around the world, was the work of a disgruntled employee. Citing “3 years without a vacation”, the agent decided to divert the plane to a Club Med site on Varadero Beach in Cuba instead of Guantanamo Bay.


On a similar note, a group of American tourists is filing suit against the Department of Injustice claiming “unlawful detention”. It seems that the group mistakenly boarded a CIA flight for what they thought would be a sunny, fun-filled holiday in Marrakesh and instead ended up naked and shackled to the walls of an underground cell in Sole, Morocco, a secret CIA interrogation center.

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After years of denial, North Korea proclaimed that it has been developing nuclear weapon capabilities, prompting other nations to come forward with their own revelations. Nigeria says its entire national budget comes from those letters asking strangers to open bank accounts. Yoko Ono was a mole planted by Japan in 1965 to break up The Beatles. Theresa May and Angela Merkel admitted that they are indeed the US’s pet poodles.  The New York Times confessed it is, in fact, part of the elitist press and there really is no liberal mainstream media in the United States. The State Department acknowledged that the US is on its list of “rogue nations”.images

Caught up in the spirit of international forthrightness, President Trump has conceded that he is an incompetent half-wit who is letting the United States be run by a consortium of Fortune 500 CEOs.

The Trump Administration has denied reports that war almost broke out in January because Super Bowl pyrotechnics confused the President and he wanted to attack Iran in retaliation.

President Trump, in a major policy speech last night announced the Syria Exit Strategy. “We will go through Iran,” he said primages (12)oudly.

Ever since the Secretary of State  has announced Iraq would get free health care and education, the US Embassy has been inundated by thousands of US citizens applying for immigration status there.

The US has denied that Norway has been put on the Pentagon’s list of the next invasion site due to its oil-rich nation status.

images (8)President Donald Trump will travel to Moscow later this year to receive Russia’s “Back in the USSR Award” from his old friend and idol, Vlad Putin. The award is given to countries that best reflect the values of the USSR in both practice and spirit. Especially practice. This year’s award is given to the USA for the following accomplishments:

  • no opposition party
  • spending $254 million to produce propaganda and faux videos masquerading as authentic news releases
  • the Pravda-like TV stations that gladly broadcast these stories because they’re too lazy or afraid to do their own research
  • the Pravda-like fairandbalanced network Faux, oops I mean FOX News
  • the corporate-owned media that have successfully parlayed Pravda-like gossip, innuendo, rumor, half-truths, and outright lies into hugely profitable empires
  • for this quote during his first trip to Washington as President-Elect, December 18, 2016: “If this were a dictatorship, it’d be a heck of a lot easier…just as long as I’m the dictator.”
  • tossing ordinary citizens into the gulag for being
  • a Soviet style electoral system
  • the trampling of civil liberties
  • stacking the courts with partisan, corporate judges
  • maximum security with minimum opposition
  • vetting questions in advance at press conferences or planting fake reporters in the audience
  • having real reporters ask puffball questions, get along by going along, and exchange investigation and independence for access and success
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Trump said that while highly honored to get this award, his eye is really on China’s “You Want Rice with that Democracy?” award.  He explained, “I really admire their unique system with its fascinating blend of runaway capitalism, communist oppression and cheap labor and my Administration is doing its best to head the US in that direction.”


March for our Lives




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Protestors carry placards and shout slogans during a demonstration calling for greater gun control, outside the US Embassy in south London on March 24, 2018. The London rally, in solidarity with the US movement ‘March For Our Lives’, is one of hundreds of gun control protests taking place globally. 


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