Terror and the US Elections


This stupid and evidence free piece just begs for comment. Numbers are correlated to the numbers in the article.

1. “Jill Stein, on the other hand, has no record at all because she has never held political office.” That’s because she can’t get on the ballot because US elections are rigged. “We don’t really have a future right now to offer our younger generation.” Can’t argue there. Can we?

2. “If Donald Trump wins the White House..” He is not going to win. It’s already rigged in favor of Clinton. He’s there for entertainment and continue the myth of free election. It’s a reality show. “Imagine a country with no affordable health care, no safety net, no food stamps, no minimum wage, no protections against discrimination and hate crimes, no access to birth control or abortion, no environmental laws, no protections for consumers, no 911 or publicly funded emergency response, no labor laws, no efforts to fight climate change, no brakes on Wall Street’s looting of the economy, and our streets swarming with angry mobs exercising their Second Amendment “right” to bear arms. Because that’s the dystopian America we’ll get if Donald Trump wins.” Are you fucking kidding me? This is the America we have right now and why people are voting for Trump and Sanders. They are fed up on the right and left. Get a grip! What planet do YOU live on?

3. “If the staunchly right-wing conservatives on the Supreme Court hadn’t ruled against a vote recount for Florida’s stolen election back in 2000, Al Gore would have been president.” This was illegal, allowed by a $ystem that is rigged by elites. Nowhere, anywhere does it say in the Constitution or elsewhere election solutions go to the Supreme Court. They count on people being ignorant to get away with this. They are and they did.

4. “Like it or not..” I’m voting for my values and my conscience, not who you or the rigged $ystem tells me to.

5. “The U.S. has a firmly entrenched two-party system, but it doesn’t have to be that way.” Yes it does if people continue to vote for the lesser of two evils. That’s why the system is so firmly entrenched. Propaganda and the politics of fear go a long way which is why we have articles like this one.

6. “By setting this admirable example, he’s made fools of racists and recalcitrant Republicans on Capitol Hill while rarely ever having to say a word.” Really? Give me one example where his pretty words or actions actually made a difference. Stopped the shootings, stopped the racism.

7. Tax returns. I don’t know where they are either but what difference does that make? Everyone who does their research know tax returns show earned income. The REAL money, in capital gains and all kinds of other hidden sources that are perfectly legal to hide and not pay taxes on. None of which we are allowed to do because we are too poor.

8. “Jill Stein’s scary stance on science.” Really? Funny how this is the same exact headline the right wing press uses. Over and over. So much easier to make stuff up and then copy it than to do your research. Besides, they are counting on people’s ignorance. They always count on it and are never disappointed. Start here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiQWhJj-3yQ

9. I don’t even know what to say about that, it is so stupid. All those accusations and So What? “The answer to neofascism is stopping neoliberalism?” If you did your research, you would find that economists would not disagree. “Jill Stein was photographed while dining with Vladimir Putin despite Russia’s very unprogressive policies.” So fucking what? There are hundreds of pictures of Clinton with the world’s worst dictators, oops, I mean US allies while she was the Secretary of State and actually had power. What’s worse? That or Clinton’s foreign policy responsible for tens of thousands of deaths, terrorism and destruction of countries? Now there’s a serious person!!!

10. That’s right. Trump hates Muslims but Clinton kills them. No shame in that, is there? Go Stein!  Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 5.14.10 AM


Give me your hordes yearning to be free…

America welcomed you because you were a white, famous ballet star from Russia and a perfect propaganda tool for those “yearning to be free” during the Cold War. Need I mention that, even though you were an ordinary boy in an ordinary school, they recognized your talent and you were plucked from your ordinary world and given world class training for FREE in the Evil Empire by the best dancers in the world. And now you are a millionaire, something that would not have happened in the Soviet Union but it didn’t have to. You were given so many privileges, that you lived like one. And now, you have become a perfect propaganda tool for the $ystem, just like you were in the Soviet Union. This video is one that the Soviet Union would be proud of. Except then, they showed you dancing and here, you are talking bullshit. You have come full circle, Misha. Welcome to capitalism, oops, I mean democracy, oops, I mean propaganda…..


Ask Me No Questions

So, school without kids started today. We had an icebreaker, of course. We had a bowl of different colored M&Ms, each color being a different question which you answered at your table. My turn. I pick blue. When did they start having blue?images
The question is, “Share what kind of experience you had this summer that used the Inquiry Method (we’re starting PYP).
Me: What does this even mean?
Colleague: What did you do where you learned or used Inquiry? Did you read the PYP book?
Me: WTF? (to myself). No. I was on vacation. I walked into a pub in Dublin and asked how much a Guinness cost? Does that count?
C: Ummm. I guess so…..

US (S)election in Poland

7 out of 10 Poles back Clinton. This is the result of knowing nothing about the issues. I suppose you could say the same about some Americans. Because if they did, they’d know that Clinton is in support of gay rights and horrors! gay marriage, immigration (I think) and a women’s right to choose, all topics abhorrent in this country. It’s totally based upon Trump’s comments about Russia where Poles would rather have a nuclear bomb drop on the country. Who knows? When Clinton wins, they just might get their wish. Too bad they won’t be around to enjoy it.





I Ain’t Marchin’ Anymore

Polish Army Day, or everyone loves a man in a uniform in American tanks. When you see this on Red Square, they are murderous Commies. In Warsaw they are patriots, defending their country from murderous Commies in Red Square…


13906866_10208558090181451_4286874035417423360_nThink of all the social services these planes could have paid for…..

The Invisible Man (Men).

“According to Chomsky, the most effective way to control a populace is to severely limit the parameters of debate, but have the debate within those hedged parameters be vigorous so people think something of worth is actually taking place.””
True. Under Communism in Poland, I remember the occasional public meeting where they had analysis and criticism of the Party, always by the same opposition intellectuals. It was always the same (because what more can you say?) and everybody went home happy because it signaled a “change”. Until the next time.

The Invisible Man: George W. Bush and a Hole in History

After Donald Trump blew into his dog saxophone and invited “Second Amendment people” to assassinate Hillary Clinton before she could appoint any judges, American politics went into China Syndrome meltdown mode in a way not seen since Preston Brooks beat Charles Sumner very nearly to death in the well of the Senate, 160 years ago almost to the day. Republicans who had endorsed Trump immediately fled en masse to Outer Mongolia to become anonymous yak herders, and witnesses reported seeing House Speaker Paul Ryan climb a large oak tree while muttering, “I hate this job, I hate this job, there’s no place like home, I hate this job.”

This flame-decked train wreck has been a long time coming, and the GOP has nothing to blame but itself. Begin with the serial defections from the Democratic Party after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, augment with Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” to promote racism and xenophobia within the party base, and then inject that strategy with steroids under Reagan by embracing right-wing fire-and-brimstone evangelical Christianity. Lose a war and collapse the economy in the middle.

Despise the immigrant, demonize the Other. Spend eight years howling THERE’S A BLACK KENYAN MUSLIM TERRORIST COMMUNIST SOCIALIST FASCIST MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE, YOU GUYS, EVERYONE FREAK OUT, season to taste with millions of guns and the paranoia they pack, put it all in a bag and shake it, and what you get when you crack the seal is Donald Trump: a racist, sexist, xenophobic fool who doesn’t know that he doesn’t know anything, surrounded by a growling herd of loyalists.

There’s a missing page to this recipe, one that has been deliberately deleted like a classified email from The Book Of Days. Trump runs around blaming Secretary Clinton for the state of the economy while arguing in tandem that Clinton and President Obama created ISIS out of thin air. “He’s the founder of ISIS,” Trump said on Wednesday. “He’s the founder of ISIS. He’s the founder. He founded ISIS. I would say the co-founder would be crooked Hillary Clinton.” The corporate “news” media lap it up because it’s “good television,” and even his most ardent opponents fail to say the one missing word.


Noam Chomsky explained the phenomenon best, and it is remarkable to watch it unfold in real time. According to Chomsky, the most effective way to control a populace is to severely limit the parameters of debate, but have the debate within those hedged parameters be vigorous so people think something of worth is actually taking place. Hence, they shout and stomp about responsible budget priorities without ever discussing the bloated “defense” budget, because that topic has been deemed off limits. Likewise, they shout and stomp about ISIS and the economy without ever mentioning George W. Bush, because he is simply too embarrassing to too many people sitting behind important desks with a lot to lose.

Think on it. Even with his towering hubris, Donald Trump knows better than to bring up Bush, but instead will lay the whole mess on Obama and Clinton regardless of the incoherence of the argument, because it’s red meat for the base. Clinton wants no part of having Bush in the discussion because it underscores her craven Iraq War vote and its calamitous consequences. The corporate “news” media? Forget it. They hauled water for him like Gunga Din in the name of ratings and advertising dollars, and are now slicked to the elbows in innocent blood. Best not to bring all that up. Eight long years have been summarily erased.

Here’s the thing, though: Like many of us, I remember. They can ignore it all they want, but I was there and I wrote it down every day. I watched two towers explode while Bush was “protecting” us, watched two foolish wars collapse into a bloodbath of folly as the Treasury was looted, watched the budget surplus be given away to rich people by way of ruinous tax cuts, watched lawfully produced subpoenas be ignored by the highest office in the land, watched torture become mainstream, watched the dark wings of total surveillance unfold over the nation entire, and watched Dick Cheney say the Vice President was not part of the Executive Branch because he didn’t want to give his official papers to the National Archive as required by three different laws.

More than that, I remember plastic sheeting and duct tape, and an administration all too happy to peddle fear to lubricate the rails toward its goals. I remember a cowed populace being told to watch what they say, I remember terror alerts popping like firecrackers whenever the administration found itself in political hot water, I remember the serial lies, and I remember the adoration of the Republican base poured upon a strongman president who gave no damns for decorum or due process. George W. Bush and his crew trashed the economy, trashed Iraq and by proxy Syria, created ISIS by disbanding the Iraqi army and walked away with money falling out of their pockets.

Fear and hatred are powerful elixirs, and George W. Bush trained the nation well to imbibe them, and thus accept what he foisted upon us for personal gain. He is one page in a recipe that is more than 50 years old, and none of the people who pushed that poison want you to remember him. Trump is no mystery, no anomaly. He is the culmination of decades, the perfect avatar of the effort.

They don’t talk about Bush. Why? So they can avoid taking responsibility for Trump, and all he represents.