Does this make me a European?



The Illusion of Choice

The difference between this and Communism is the amount of goods available in the shops. And the amount of money you have to afford them….



The difference between this and Communism is none….


The Government today……..

14519667_10210983726929606_493848929980012342_n I have heard the “lesser of two evils” and “we still have chance in the next election” argument in 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012. It always comes out during the entertainment, oops, I mean selection, oops, I mean the election cycle. And look where we are today. So much more worse. Obama wasn’t even the lesser of two evils. He was God. We already have Hillary Clinton’s blood on our hands from her role as Secretary as State and nothing is showing that anything will change under her administration (check her corporate donors). Imperialism is the goal even if means nuclear war. A little nuclear bomb here and there that won’t affect the white world except maybe Russia and Eastern Europe. The issues are so US centric as most are even from the progressive press. Americans care more about social justice for Americans, (a good thing) especially white Americans but if the price to pay means bombing innocent children and civilians in strange countries thousands of miles away, so be it. Paris Accords? Nothing will be done and nothing ever will as in all the previous Climate Change meetings because the rich countries, especially the US don’t want to because it cuts into profits. Read Naomi Klein’s, “This Changes Everything” for more on this. Check Clinton’s contributions from Big Oil and Energy. Take the Russia issue. There is no context whatsoever for an audience who know nothing whatsoever about Russia except it’s part of the Soviet Union? Russia is the aggressor. It has always been the aggressor. Don’t put your hands over my ears and sing while I give you a counterargument.  Why would Russian attack Ukraine? Why would it attack the Baltic States? For what purpose? The Cold War is over. Why is Russia reacting to the constant NATO presence and military maneuvers on its borders a bad thing? Unlike NATO, Putin has reacted only verbally so far. Why is it being interpreted as getting ready to invade but 30,000 NATO troops on Russia’s borders, is not? Why is NATO even doing that? What would the US do if Russia held maneuvers on the borders of Canada and Mexico? And frankly, why do we still have NATO? It’s a Cold War invention and now that the Cold War is over, it is constantly looking for a reason for its existence even if it means blowing us up out of existence. Check Clinton’s contributions from the defense industry. These are the kind of issues that need to be included with background and context but all you get is 140 character tweet headlines and people think they know it all. Until you ask them specifics. Then you hear, “My mind is made up. Don’t confuse me with the facts.” And finally, Clinton may be the lesser of two evils, but voting for her means you have voted for a person who lied and cheated her way into the Presidency. Knowing just this, how can you vote for her let alone expect integrity and anything to change? We just might as well eliminate the elections altogether, put in “our” candidate and spare us the 2 year reality show. Oh, wait…..Go Stein!

One Day in Edinburgh

I spent 3 days in Edinburgh this summer and didn’t do any of this stuff. Here are my suggestions and I’m not getting paid by the NYT to advertise expensive places. I stayed at an Air BnB for $50 a night, rode the Hop On Hop Off bussam_8842 and did that whenever I saw something interesting to see. You can see the castle from the bus and get off but I didn’t.





I did get off to see a Scottish wedding at a 500 year old church, in full kilt regalia complete with a bagpiper, went for a great meal in the cafe of that church where I spoke Polish because all the staff were Polish.






Heading home to the bus stop, I passed by the Literary Museum and Robert Burns’s house (went in to both, free),





saw the little dog at Greyfriar’s

and passed the Elephant House cafe where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter.

BTW, I never planned to see any of this, didn’t even know they were there, I was just heading to the bus stop to go home. Then I dropped into the Royal Oak pub (I did plan to go there) to listen to some music


and got a recommendation where to eat real Scottish haggis (not in this NYT piece).

Arrived home 5 hours later. And that was Day ONE! As for all those romantic sea walks? It rains almost ALL THE TIME, is windy and is never hot! Perfect weather for me. Never saw one person drinking whisky, they all drank beer. Maybe it’s only for tourists because it’s expensive.

You’re welcome.


Post-racist America or All Black High Schools, 1956, oops I mean 2016…

“Her lawyer’s defense has introduced us to one of the bigger problems that you face in America. In an American city, there’s an all-black high school, and that’s normal instead of weird? Living in a society where racial divisions are so deeply baked into every part of society that we don’t notice it anymore? An ‘all black high school?’ That’s a phrase that’s never followed by, ‘Oh you’re talking about the one in the nice part of town? Yeah, I know it.’ Racial divisions are so normalized in society that people possess a bias they don’t even know they have.’”


Your Tax Dollars at Work

So? Interesting how Clinton supporters blame the $ystem’s crimes on the latest enemy. Your taxes are paying for ALL the people and corporations who DO NOT PAY any taxes at all. Don’t believe me? GOOGLE it on your APPLE iPhone….


Trump’s latest filing reveals that his airline profits every time he flies with a U.S. Secret Service agent.

A new filing by the Trump campaign for the Federal Election Committee reveals the Donald Trump campaign has received $1.6 million in taxpayer money to fly U.S. Secret Service agents on a plane owned by—you guessed it—Donald Trump.

According to Politico, the agency always reimburses presidential candidates and other officials for the cost of traveling with the candidates. The difference is although the Secret Service has reimbursed the Clinton campaign some $2.6 million, the airline, Trump owns the plane he travels on through TAG Air Inc. As Politico notes, “the government is effectively paying him.”

“It’s just another example of how the Trump campaign has taken an unprecedentedly large amount of its money and spent it at Trump-owned facilities,” campaign finance lawyer Brett Kappel told Politico.

It was also revealed last week that the Trump campaign has spent some $8.2 million on Trump-owned businesses throughout the campaign. The candidate, who famously said he “could be the first presidential candidate to “run and make money on it” is proving that sentiment true. In March, he famously held a “press conference” at his golf course in Florida which essentially just acted as a de facto informercial for one of his many (mostly failed) businesses.

“The campaign has used known quantities as far as event space, air travel and accommodations, and has fulfilled all FEC requirements throughout the campaign,” the Trump campaign said Thursday, adding any reporting to the contrary is “misleading and flat-out wrong.”

But the receipts speak for themselves, and while Trump’s taxpayer-funded Secret Service detail pays the Trump campaign for flights—and accommodations at Trump’s hotels—the U.S. government will continue to cut checks that go directly into Trump’s pockets.

Shopping on 9/11 or Since the house is on fire, let us warm ourselves

Well, Bu$h did say the best thing you could do for NYC is to go shopping…

A Texas mattress retailer will close “indefinitely” following a controversy with an advertisement promoting its “Twin Tower” sale in honour of the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Outrage over the two adverts marks another chapter highlighting the seemingly annual struggles of brands and companies to capitalise on the deadliest terrorist attack on US soil, that claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 people.




Silly me, this is the shopping he was really referring to:

Within two weeks of 9/11 the business press was telling of corporate directors rushing to give bargain-priced stock options to their top executives. The Wall Street Journal would later piece the whole story together: stocks had fallen sharply after the attacks, reaching a low on September 21; families of 9/11 victims were still waiting for some piece of flesh or bone to confirm the loss of a loved one; soldiers were loading their gear for deployment to Afghanistan; and corporate executives were too busy counting their profits to notice. As stock options grant executives the right to buy shares at that low price for years to come, the lower the price when options are awarded, the more lucrative they are. “Since the house is on fire, let us warm ourselves,” goes an Italian proverb. Translated to English, it reads: “Grab the loot and run.” Some CEOs didn’t need reminding.