Medical Care without Big Pharma

I went to the herbal doctor today. She was 85 years old so I figured she had loads of experience Here are my prescriptions.

Doctor fee, pay what you want so I gave more than the expected, $10.





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A big bag of herbs, $7.













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Natural hand cream, $4.







Taking care of people since 1609



Ironically, on the same day I got this in the mail…..

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Don’t tell Big Pharma!


While walking Maja, part 1

So I’m walking my dog and see we have a new Thai restaurant in the neighborhood. It’s dinnertime so decide to take out some Pad Thai as a test. One of the disadvantages of extensive travel is once you eat the real thing in the real country you are never satisfied with it outside the country and your friends for some reason get annoyed when you say, “I had a much better one in Bangkok.” Anyway, I ask the woman how long is the wait and she says, “15 minutes. Would you like a massage while you wait?”
What? Is the Pope Polish?
“Really? A massage?” I ask, thinking I might have misheard.
“Yes. Sit right here in this chair.”
She calls over the little Thai woman who has really strong hands and she proceeds to give me a head, neck, shoulder, arms and hands massage.
15 minutes later my order is ready. I can barely stand, look at the bill, expecting to pay for the massage and ready to do so but no, it’s free! Now that’s what I call customer service!!


PS The Pad Thai was much better in Bangkok……

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We are marching, marching…

Watching the public channel of Polish news (which means it was critical as well it should be) about the big neoliberal March for Freedom. They were talking to the people who were bussed in and asked,
“So, were you singing patriotic songs on the bus?”
“Nah. We were all sober.”
Let me explain the context this way for Americans. Imagine Clinton and her supporters marching against Trump with an eye to winning the next election. Also imagine Clinton – actually you don’t have to- completely denying her, Obama’s and the Democractic Party’s role in the Trump win. Remember when she said she is now in opposition? Opposition to what, I ask? War? Wall St.? Election fixing? Lying? Corporatocracy? What?

May Day

From my collection of posters from the 50s. May Day, also Education Day.


Long Live the Alliance between the Worker and the Peasant


Education Day


More from my collection on this May Day. From Stalinist Poland of the 50s to today.

Attention! Be Careful. The enemy is listening.