Say You Want a Revolution?

Lech Wałęsa came to our school and there is no room in the auditorium so it will be live streamed. I think places in the auditorium should be reserved for people who actually know who he is, about 10 of us. Don’t believe me? You’ll be with the majority who are in denial about how few have ever heard of him. Go on, take an informal survey among people younger than 40 and not Polish. Maybe even Polish….18740491_10211193176536963_8103990531944842902_n

Luckily I got a seat and so did not have to stand. I’ve seen him lots of time over the years especially when he was running for President. I like to keep tabs on him. I’m so glad he got all dressed up but then I thought, “Why not? He’s 75.” He and me both like to be comfortable. It started off with our self important director mispronouncing his name. Over and over at least 15 times. One would think on an occasion like this, he would practice or at least put it into his speech phonetically – Va-wen-sa. It’s not even hard as Polish names go. As Wałęsa spoke (sitting down- he’s 75) I realized that I had been taken. By the Polish MSM. I scream about the American MSM but didn’t realize the Polish media was playing me. They hate him, say his time has passed and he has nothing to offer the new Poland. This is some of what he said. “What kind of Poland do we want? Certainly not Communism. But do we want this kind of capitalism? Do we want this kind of democracy?”

“Corporations should own 50% of the company and workers the other 50%. That way they won’t strike needlessly and will feel vested in their jobs and future.”


When asked if he regretted his role he answered very poignantly, “When I left, there was a house full of children. When I came back, there was an elderly woman sitting all alone in an empty house. I missed the most important time of my family’s life.”



He spoke without notes, was extremely charismatic, humble, funny and had lots of stories to tell. I would love to spend an evening with him. He would be a lot of fun.




To match feature Poland-Walesa








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