Art and Politics

Look who came to visit us today! Agnieszka Holland, world famous director. This is what she said about going to film school in Poland in the 70s.

“We lived under an oppressive political system where our work was censored.” 10 minutes later on the evolution of the film industry in Poland she said, “We lived under an authoritarian system but not so authoritarian that they shut down the film school. We we able to make really creative films during that time with money from the State. When capitalism came to Poland, we thought we would get a wider audience for our films. Instead we were flooded with American junk movies which were cheap to distribute. There was no money for our films. This caused a major film crisis in the Polish film industry which lasted for 15 years.” No getting around it. Artists did their best work under Communism.

She was also the only speaker in the history of ASW who used the word “fucking”. And yes, there was a gasp from the audience….




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