Occupy Poland

Well, it’s happened. Your tax dollars at work. And Poland’s.

Poland is officially occupied by US troops. 16112622_10209952562842396_2228809361951861988_oUnlike the Germans who are protesting this buildup to war with Russia, Poles are ecstatic that the Americans have come to save them since no one else will. Not Communism, not the EU and especially not Germany. Everyone has betrayed them which is why they are where they are today. The Americans are their only hope, conveniently forgetting how Roosevelt gave Poland to Stalin in 1943 and the rest as they say is history, albeit it revised. Heavily. As the Poles line the streets with flowers, American flags, tea and cake, the only thing missing from this scenario, as the tanks roll is soldiers throwing nylons and chocolate from the tanks. Poles say, “I’d rather be occupied by the Americans than the Russians or Germany.” 30 years of capitalism, 70 years after World War II, it’s come down to this, has it? Choose your occupier as that is what passes for independence in Poland. Not that they ever had a choice.15995041_10209952559522313_4557265129467901338_o

I went to the Occupiers’ heart and mind exhibition. Not that the Americans have to work very hard. Poles love Americans even after being betrayed by them time after time. I didn’t get any nylons as there were no Americans there. But I did get billions in American weapons. At least I am safe. Where is that FB button?












Cut to a conversation with my cable provider today. I have every intention of renewing my contract as I can’t live without TV and the Internet as my stay in Havana showed. He’s trying to make the deal sweeter for some reason and offers to throw in a movie channel for free.
So I ask, “Do you have a better offer? After all, the Americans arrived today to protect you and I’m American.”
“You’re right,” he answers. “I’ll throw in another 45 HD channels for free too.”


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