Oh Yeah……….?

So Macmillan Publishing asked me to record an ESL passage in native speaker English for their textbook. $50 an hour, how could I say no? Besides, this may lead to a glittery new career. Next time, I’ll ask for a limo. Anyway, I’m sitting in the studio, signing my contract and talking to another native speaker who is going to do the same thing. Right off the bat, he asks me if I voted absentee. I said yes and you look like you want to know who I voted for so I’ll tell you it was Jill Stein.”

He says, “I knew it!, you sound just like a Stein supporter.”

“In what way?”I wanted to know since the only thing I said was that I voted for her.

“It’s the tone of your voice,” he said. Go Jill! Notice the tone..



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