Give me your hordes yearning to be free…

America welcomed you because you were a white, famous ballet star from Russia and a perfect propaganda tool for those “yearning to be free” during the Cold War. Need I mention that, even though you were an ordinary boy in an ordinary school, they recognized your talent and you were plucked from your ordinary world and given world class training for FREE in the Evil Empire by the best dancers in the world. And now you are a millionaire, something that would not have happened in the Soviet Union but it didn’t have to. You were given so many privileges, that you lived like one. And now, you have become a perfect propaganda tool for the $ystem, just like you were in the Soviet Union. This video is one that the Soviet Union would be proud of. Except then, they showed you dancing and here, you are talking bullshit. You have come full circle, Misha. Welcome to capitalism, oops, I mean democracy, oops, I mean propaganda…..



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