Fear as Economic Policy

Interesting easy read. Most articles like this ask the same question and then further down the piece, answer it and so it is with this one.

The question:
“On a sunny day in Warsaw, it’s difficult to understand why the city’s well-kept streets simmer with anger and discontent over the European vision. The economy has been growing at 3.6 percent, roughly twice the overall European rate, Poland is, or should be, Europe’s greatest success story. So why the anti-European sentiment?

And the answer:
“…PiS voters feel left out of the Europeanizing process that has made Poland richer. It’s not that these voters weren’t lifted by the rising economic tide — just that they haven’t benefited as much as urban elites.”

And my comment to this:
“But Poland today is a great reminder that we can’t attribute all nationalist political sentiment to purely economic causes…”

Well, yes we can. If Poles had decent paying jobs with a future they can believe in, on par with the EU which they’ve been told they are a part of, they would be too busy raising their families, planning their future, educating their children, going on vacation, buying homes and shopping to worry about foreigners invading their country. Economic policy has been replaced by fear. And not just in Poland. This also explains the success of Bernie, Trump, and far right parties in Europe.



Burning effigy of Jew in Wrocław, 1939, oops, I mean 2016


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