The Revolution Will be Televised


13123094_10207815926947834_2853980655879200043_o I went to the big protest yesterday, not because I agree with this neo-liberal group but in solidarity with the Teacher’s Union (not being part of one myself) who decided to join them. Who knows, maybe this will start a trend with other marginalized groups….

No to Racism and Xenophobia in School!

“The politics of memory, initiated by PiS in 2005–2007, has peculiar effects today. The new fashion is for “consuming patriotism,” which means not broadening one’s knowledge of history and cultivating civic attitudes but rather making national symbolism an attractive product and lifestyle marker.

….this carnival may soon end if KOD does not combine its pleasant atmosphere and nice freedom slogans with specific social postulates which would make the movement stand out against the background of the current cagey opposition.”

read more here


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