I Say Tomato, You Say The Tomato

Interesting. I’ve heard this before about the use of “the” for Ukraine before and after “liberation” or is it “the liberation”? But linguistically, it makes me wonder just who decided to drop it. It’s one thing if you are a country where the main or widespread language is English but Ukrainian, like all other Slavic languages has no articles. So that official who dropped the “the”, was he a fluent English speaker with good understanding of articles and all the nuances of the language both socially and politically, or was he just trying to make trouble, egged on by unseen forces? Ukrainians don’t care as most of them don’t speak English and just call it Ukraina. If they do speak English they don’t use articles and won’t hear you use it either. And don’t write about the use of “he”. Chances are good it was a he.

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