There is no God but God….

So I dropped my car to be hand washed this morning, inside and out. They told me to come back in an hour. It’s a nice area near the lake, it was sunny and a great place to take the dog for a walk. A cafe too but I don’t like to rush in a cafe so skipped it. I came back in an hour and they said it wasn’t ready because it was really dirty. Well, it has been a long winter. “Come back in half an hour”, they said. Damn! I could have stopped in that cafe but now there wouldn’t be time. So I went shopping at the bazaar across the street and came back in 40 minutes and it still wasn’t ready.

The young man says, “One more minute. I’m just putting on the finishing touches. I took extra care and time on your car because of the poster in your trunk.”

“Oh, the one that says Stop Racism and Islamophobia? That was from a demonstration I went to a few weeks ago.”

“Yeah”, he says. “I just converted to Islam and really appreciate your sentiment.”

13055161_10207713185139353_6460555796666444198_o (1)


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