“Be realistic, demand the impossible!”

From yesterday’s demo. I have to say that after living in Poland for over 30 years, Poles have always been at their most creative in protest.

This is an official information sign, required on every building site.


Type of Structure: Oppressive
Address: Republic of Poland
Permit Number: None
Construction Supervisor: None
Investor: The Church
Contractor: The Government
Head Contractor: Beata Szydło (Prime Minister)
Production Manager: Andrzej Duda (President)
Construction Manager: Father Rydzyk (right wing, influential, media priest)
Project Head: Jaroslaw Kaczynski, head of PiS, the real behind the scenes leader of the government.





The government might have opened that can of worms finally. As you can see, the second pro choice demo was much more organized. Everyone was there, the New Left, the Old Left, KOD, the self proclaimed guardians of the constitution. They had their own petition about the constitution because the abortion issue is “too political”, unlike the constitutional crisis. Welcome to Democracy 101!!!

Poland along with Ireland (see Irish post for reasons why) has Europe’s most restrictive abortion law, only allowed in cases of rape, incest, danger to the mother’s life or extreme deformities of the fetus. Incidentally, this law was passed in 1992 by the newly democratically elected government of the “new” Poland with a woman as Prime Minister.


History of abortion legislation


It replaced the abortion on demand regulation in place since 1952 by the new Communist government. So history repeats itself in an ironic way.





The Old Left was out this time gathering signatures not to keep the current law but for a referendum to liberalize it. I was wondering last week why they weren’t doing it then. My motto always is, stolen from the Paris demonstrations of 1968, “Be realistic, demand the impossible!”






Abortion is a woman’s right.



Of course my own personal motto for these Polish protests is, “I can’t believe that after 40 years, I’m still protesting this shit.”










Abortion on demand around the world (white).





Your chapels, our wombs.



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