The Calendar is Lying When it Reads the Present Time…..

The Polish prime minister, Beata Szydło, said she backs moves towards a total ban on abortion. The bishops do not care if a woman dies.

Szydło is a puppet. The abortion ban was the condition of the church’s support for Law & Justice.

“We saw it under Hitler and Ceaușescu and now we are seeing it under Law & Justice.

24  Hour Notice for Pro-Choice Demonstration, thanks to Facebook.



Abortion is a Woman’s Right. I can’t believe that after 40 years, I’m still protesting this shit!



Not a bad crowd for a 24 hour notice.



Complete bans on abortion by……



No more hangers……..





Post protest: “We have 10,000 hangers. Who wants them? Only serious offers, please.

Read more:

here and here


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