The Only Way to Cuba is with the CIA, pt. 2

So I’m listening to CNN’s Erin Burnett’s propaganda, oops, I mean report on Cuba. She “went down to the Cuban land, the nearest place to hell” (Phil Ochs, 50 years ago). Gee, today is daylight savings time here in Europe but I had to check the calendar to see if we have sprung back to the past. Or as Phil wrote 50 years ago, again, “The calendar is lying when it reads the present time.” When was the last time you heard the word, “defect” used with such abandon?

To back up her claim of an oppressive regime she brings on that old lying State Department propaganda chief, oops, I mean spokesman, Jen Psaki who did such a fabulous job that she was promoted to Communications Director for the White House. I believe this event was featured throughout Orwell’s “1984”.

That not being good enough for CNN, they showed a clip of Ted Cruz talking about his father being tortured in prison in Cuba in the 50s. Yes, yes, he writes about is all in his book, “A Time of Truth”, the title being the mother of all ironies. Not only is that disputed, Cruz conveniently leaves out (and so does CNN, counting on viewers’ ignorance and what do you expect when this is the kind of “reporting” most people get) was that his father was tortured by Batista, the dictator supported by the US and is what gave rise to the Cuban Revolution. Talk about oppressive regimes you can believe in! What is truly morally reprehensible is that Cruz, as Presidential hopeful (shudder!) still supports torture.

Why are free trips to Cuba wasted on these people? Or as the prophet Phil Ochs wrote once again 50 years ago, “the only way to Cuba is with the CIA..”…/ted-cruzs-definition-of-torture…/


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