Ale Jajo!

It used to be all major holidays in Poland were serious events. Serious church going, serious family gatherings, serious eating. Although this is still true for the most part, it seems it’s beginning to evolve into a more Western/American model.

My Easter brunch at the Intercontinental Hotel was cancelled due to the death of my friend’s mother. Yeah, I know, how dare she? My friend had to fly back to the States and although I could have gone and sat alone among all the happy families, eating my grilled lamb and seafood, scoffing down fresh oysters, guzzling wine , oh, wait!, that would have been way too pathetic. It was a beautiful, sunny day so I decided to take my dog for a nice long walk since we haven’t seen the sun all that much in the past month. I ran into a dog friend who was with her sister-in law and her dog and we all went to the park together. The dogs had a great time playing and sniffing and we were joined by even more members of her family. I noticed the park was quite full of families and kids. It was noon, the prime eating time so I wondered why they weren’t home stuffing their faces as they do on holidays. Because in Poland, the holiday schedule is this. Major holidays like Christmas and Easter are always 2 day affairs and the schedule remains the same for both days. You have to fit in Mass as well. Easy because there are about 10 services a day. Breakfast is around 9 where you sit around and eat and talk and eat and then pick at the food. Around noon, the table is cleared and set with clean dishes because it’s almost time for the holiday dinner (at least 4 courses). Then you sit around and eat some more, the difference this time is that now you have started drinking. This continues until around 6 where some either pass out from the food and/or drink and some start clearing the table for supper.

So, I thought, what are all these people doing out during prime eating  and drinking time? Not only that, there was a demonstration across the street from the Council of Ministers by KOD, the self-proclaimed defenders of democracy. On Easter! Imagine that!


Mateusz Kijowski, self-proclaimed leader of KOD and wearing the buttons to prove it.


I had to go and see. And speaking of seeing, I didn’t see them at the anti-racism march last week because I guess they don’t think racism is a threat to democracy.


KOD wasn’t here, protesting racism, last week.

Only white, middle class issues count.



And only flags from white countries where terrorism happens count. That’s why there will be no dark skinned, non-Catholic refugees in Poland. It’s what Jesus would have wanted. The priest said that at Mass today.

Sure enough, there was KOD, taking themselves very seriously.


Not thousands or even hundreds but still quite a crowd during prime eating time on Easter Sunday in Poland.march bench

Being Poles, they couldn’t not eat during prime eating time so they were passing out really bad żurek, a traditional Easter soup which was made from a mix or at least tasted like it. Even my dog wouldn’t eat it. Yes, I took some. Being Polish, I couldn’t pass up a free meal, even a bad one. I do often regret it but now I have my dog who loves my mistakes. Not only that, the movies were open for those who couldn’t stand  being here or with their families anymore. Hmm, where do I know that from? Oh, I remember. When I used to live in America. Welcome to capitalism. And democracy as the demo pointed out. I expect the malls to be open on holidays soon.


Really cool guys slowly strolling away. They obviously have cooler places to be than here…..


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