Bernie in Poland

So I was sitting with my dog in a cafe on Saturday eating lunch, waiting for the anti-racism march to start in Warsaw’s Old town. For some reason there were a lot of Americans in there and they weren’t there for the march. A couple my age sits next to me and starts talking to my dog as often happens. She doesn’t talk back as usual because they had no food in their hand. But I do. It turns out they were from Boston. She lived in Poland in the 80s as a journalist and it was the first time she was back. Her husband was a human rights lawyer who spent time in Bosnia after the war. They were both Bernie supporters and as we talked about Polish politics and Bernie, I realized this was the first conversation I had about Bernie that wasn’t online. And it was so much better! Then they invited me to stay with them the next time I was in Boston which I will. I know people all over the world but no one in Boston. An interesting afternoon to say the least, all because of Bernie. And my dog, of course…racism




Sanders Takes Landslide Victory in Ex-Pat Primary

Americans living overseas spent early March casting ballots for the U.S. presidential primary, and the results are in: Bernie Sanders wins among ex-pats.

Sanders took 69 percent of the Global Presidential Primary, adding nine delegates to his total, while Hillary Clinton received 31 percent of the vote and five delegates. The landslide shows that the “political revolution that is gaining momentum across America is now resonating all over the world,” Sanders said Monday.

Nearly 35,000 Americans living in 38 countries cast ballots in the primary, a 50 percent increase since 2008.

As the Atlantic explains, the results are an “interesting snapshot” of public opinion abroad. Reporter David A. Graham writes:

It seems likely that Americans who live abroad are a more liberal group, which would explain their tilt toward Sanders. But he’s been criticized for his foreign-policy stances, which critics call vague, especially on the Middle East. Nonetheless, he handily won each Middle Eastern country, including Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, the UAE, and Israel.

The results were announced the same day that Sanders gave a key foreign policy speechwhile campaigning in Utah. The speech was said to be the one he would have given at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) convention on Monday, which Sanders skipped.

The win was also a welcome respite for Sanders, who admitted he got “creamed” by Clinton in last week’s domestic primaries.

While the former secretary of state gave a “disgusting” speech at AIPAC on Monday, Sanders was campaigning in Arizona, Utah, and Idaho, where the next Democratic contests are taking place Tuesday.

“There is a clear path to victory as we begin the second half of the delegate selection process,” Sanders said. “We are waging a strong campaign and plan to take it all the way to the Democratic National Convention this summer in Philadelphia.”

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