Democracy in Action

Living here in Poland and watching the US elections is one of my favorite activities. I love politics both here and the US. After living here so many years, I realize how limited and ethnocentric the Americans’ views are, ironic considering one of the pillars of American democracy is freedom of the press. Yes, it’s free, but you have to go out and find different viewpoints. Not much different from Communist Poland but that’s a different story.

My main source of information for images is mainstream TV. We have cable and so I get CNN International which is slightly more informative than its “sister” network US CNN, because of its international focus.  BBC is here also and Polish TV, of course, which gets all its US information from CNN. Thank God for the Internet because there would be no information if I had to rely on the mainstream media (MSM). I watch European stations in English like EuroNews, France 24, Russia Today (RT), al Jazeera and Press TV from Iran. All of them have very interesting perspectives all couched in their own national interests. But this knowledge is essential to be an informed citizen of the world.

For print, I read all the usual sites from the New York Times to my local paper (The Standard Times from New Bedford, MA) and the myriad of sites available out there. And just to get it out there, I’m a Bernie supporter as I’ll support anyone and anything that recognizes economic and social justice is the basis for a true democracy. And no, very few countries are true democracies today. I realized this after living in Poland under Communism in the 70s and 80s. As the similarities between democracy and communism become more and more evident over the years, I had to shed all my illusions of what these terms actually meant. I won’t go into all the details here, but I will expose them piece by piece, issue by issue, narrative by narrative as I write more posts.

Bernie’s campaign is stunning. I never thought he would get this far since the MSM refuses to acknowledge his existence up until now. That is the real miracle!

Check these out!

How Bernie spends his campaign contributions. Never did I think I would ever see anything like this on TV. Keep in mind how long Bernie has been in office and how he must be used to never having any media attention. The more I read about his past, I realize it really is about changing the conversation and not about winning. Brilliant strategy because it is so much more enduring…

and this:

Wow! Just wow!


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