Democracy in Action, pt. 3

A round up of the morning news on CNN. The US just went to Daylight Savings time so I get a whole hour more to watch.

On CNN America (yes it is different somewhat, in its focus that is, not the propaganda) and began an analysis of the election by saying, “For those of you who don’t understand how the system works.” We are talking about supposedly the most democratic country in the world, you know. Oh, the irony! Anyway, CNN is out there interviewing people who are committed to Trump. When asked what would it take to change their minds, one woman said, “Maybe if he was a crackhead or coke-head or something.” Notice she said MAYBE!

After the primaries last Tuesday:

Watching CNN and my, how the narrative has changed. One of the heads has now said Bernie can win and Trump, who took most of the states did terribly and is going down. If you were just listening and not seeing the numbers on the screen, you would think he lost all the states. Hmmmmm. Then we had this quote: “Cruz is a cold, calculating killer.” says Van Jones. Not to be outdone, someone adds, “But in the nicest way.”

Trump Is the Most Offensive GOP Candidate, But Cruz Would Be More Dangerous in the Oval Office

That’s why former president Jimmy Carter recently told the British House of Lords, “I think I would choose Trump…

Trump may pledge to order U.S. troops to torture any suspected enemy and break international laws of war, but Cruz implied he’d use nuclear arms to make the Middle East’s desert sands “glow in the dark.”




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